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Where to find my journalistic writing:

I'm also a published fiction writer and poet:

Imaginary Friend (The Gravity of the Thing, 2022)

Wait (Quartz Literary, 2022)

The Five Stages of Grieving an Unsuccessful Suicide Attempt (Sheepshead Review, 2021)

Natural Conclusion (White Wall Review, 2019)

Reanimation (The Internet Void, 2018)

Defending Her Art (iō Lit, 2018)

Memories of a Bloodless Sisterhood (FIVE:2:ONE’s #thesideshow, 2018)

Strong Female Characters & Elementary School (The Southampton Review, 2018)

violation (So To Speak, 2018)

On Rejecting the Sonnet Form (shufPoetry, 2017)

Creative writing in print or no longer online: Something Involving A Mailbox! (Issue #9), Crab Fat Magazine, Dubuque Area Writers Guild, tiny poetry: macropoetics, and/or


I am currently a prose reader at Okay Donkey. I have also been the co-founding editor of OUT/CAST, the nonfiction editor at Sketch Literary Magazine, and a prose editor at Wrongdoing Magazine; I was an editorial intern at Cleaver Magazine; and I have read for Pidgeonholes, Bridge Eight, and the North American Review.


Also: visit my profile on Medium, which contains a selection of creative nonfiction, journalistic writing, and poems accepted to the publication Poets Unlimited.

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