Where to find my journalistic writing:

I'm also a published fiction writer and poet:

Wait (Quartz Literary)

The Five Stages of Grieving an Unsuccessful Suicide Attempt (Sheepshead Review)

Natural Conclusion (White Wall Review)

Defending Her Art (IO LIT)

Memories of a Bloodless Sisterhood (FIVE:2:ONE’s #thesideshow)

Reanimation (The Internet Void)

Strong Female Characters & Elementary School (The Southampton Review)

violation (So To Speak)

On Rejecting the Sonnet Form (shufPoetry)

Creative writing in print or no longer online: Something Involving A Mailbox! (forthcoming July 2022), Crab Fat Magazine, Dubuque Area Writers Guild, tiny poetry: macropoetics, and/or


I am currently a prose reader at Okay Donkey. I have also been the co-founding editor of OUT/CAST, the nonfiction editor at Sketch Literary Magazine, and a prose editor at Wrongdoing Magazine; I was an editorial intern at Cleaver Magazine; and I have read for Pidgeonholes, Bridge Eight, and the North American Review.


How to Do Sex: "I'm asexual, but I wrote this anyway!"

Everyone Will Miss You: "Part short story collection, part sketchbook (like in the literary way), all beef."


Also: visit my profile on Medium, which contains a selection of creative nonfiction, journalistic writing, and poems accepted to the publication Poets Unlimited.