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I'm a freelance editor. Hire me!

Want another set of eyes on your article, essay, or blog post before you submit or publish? I'll copy edit and/or proofread your work. My background is in journalism, including reported features and personal essays, but I'll also read short fiction, web copy (like a website or blog), and some academic work.

Rates typically start at $20 per Word/PDF page (size 12 font, single-spaced) or $10 per website page, and will depend on depth of edits requested, but I'm happy to discuss alternate options. As a former writing center employee, I will always advise students to visit their university's (free!) writing center before paying me to look over their work.

Coming soon (as of Jan. 25, 2023): I'll have a form you can fill out to tell me about yourself and your work.

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